Sport Fan Depression is Real: The Pats lost the AFC Championship

The mighty Patriots have fallen to the Ravens, so we know some of you Framingham and Metro West area residents are struggling a little bit today. We here at Thriveworks are here to tell you that sports depression is a real thing, but we are also here to give you some tips to beat these sports blues.

1) Zoom Out

You are the definition of a fan. You never miss a Patriots game and by memory you could tell us the starting line up and the 4th string kicker on the team for the last 5 years. Although, we know that the Patriots are not the only thing you happen to be passionate about. Zoom out and take a peak at the other things in your life that you really love and care for.

While viewing those things, make a list of the things in your life that are going great and ignore any thing that isn’t going that well (If you happen to be feeling depressed you’ll automatically focus on the negative things. Fight this urge!)

Create a list of the things that brings a smile to your face. This could include a wide range of things, from your daughter’s laughter, to the Bruins being back, to even wallowing in the fact that you’re not a fan of the Dallas Cowboys!

2) Get Social

When people aren’t too happy they tend to isolate themselves from their friends and family. This withdrawal tends to only make things worse for the person. Instead of isolating yourself, make a point to reconnect with your friends and loved ones. Even if you don’t think you’re feeling up to it, it’ll help out a ton!

3) Talk it Out

Try talking about your disappointment with a friend (maybe another fan?) It will help you process the loss and disappoint that you are experiencing. If you’re friend is depressed too, you’ll have someone to join you on your trip back to happiness.

The good thing about the sports blues is that, in most cases, it is a short-term event. However, if its been a few days and you haven’t been able to shake those blues or you’d rather talking to a professional about it you can give us a call at (774) 377-4939. Our experienced and talented therapists are ready and willing to help if you are in the Framingham or Metro West area.

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