5 Coaching Tricks for Finding the Time to Exercise in Framingham

Since this topic is about being efficient and time management, I will get straight to the point.

I believe everyone has the time to work out, so what we are really trying to say is that we are not making working out a priority.

With that being untrue for the majority of us, there are times when we cannot find the time to work out in Framingham – especially in the winter time.

So with that in mind, here are 5 life coaching tips to find the time for exercise.

1. Plan Ahead

Have a schedule ahead of time for when you’re going to exercise. If you wait for your day to open up, you will probably be caught up in another one of your responsibilities.

Think About It.

I know exactly where I will be at certain times of the week, each and every week, such as Tuesday at 7 pm and Sunday at 10 am. There are definite things in life that are standing appointments and I have learned to schedule my life around them. Do the same with your exercise.

2. Hire Help. Contract Out. Trade Services.

There are always opportunities in life that you can look to lighten your load. Maybe there is someone who can do your yard-work, car-pool the kids to sports, or even do your taxes. Brainstorm and think about all the things you do in a day.

Next, try and eliminate tasks on that list that do not absolutely have to be done by you. Initially, we may feel that we have to do everything, but there are probably multiple things you could pass on to someone else to free up your time.

3. Combine Related Tasks

Set aside certain times of your day or days altogether for certain tasks. Maybe you complete all of your banking on Wednesday at lunch, or grocery shopping every Thursday night. Plan items and pair items together so they will save you time. One idea is to check your rental property, do your banking, and check the mail all in the same day because they are located in the same part of town. Look at your list of tasks and see what you can batch together.

4. Make Multiple Meals At Once

Always make extra food for left-overs. You can always cut up the entire water melon or pineapple and put it in Tupperware. When you grill, throw an extra chicken breast or burger (try a turkey burger!) on the grill. There is no extra work involved and it saves time from having to prepare it a second time.

5. Bring Out The Family

Or your spouse, friend, or whomever you enjoy spending time with. You should never feel guilty about working out, and this should not be a reason for you to miss a workout.

You can go hiking, swimming, or do whatever it is you enjoy and get others involved. You will have more fun doing it with people you like and will be scratching two tasks off your list at once.

Look to incorporate these 5 coaching tips into your life to free up some time to exercise.

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